Rage Slip Cam 3-Blade Broad Heads


  • Slipcam Rear Blade Deployment System keeps energy and power through impact on into the target

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Advanced SlipCam™ rear blade deployment—no deflection!
Standard mechanical broadheads tend to lose power quickly upon impact. With the SlipCam Rear Blade Deployment System, that’s no longer a problem! Rage® Broadheads’ streamlined profile provides the unerring accuracy and arrow speed of a field tip, but you also get the full deadly force of a fixed-blade broadhead! The machined aircraft aluminum body features HexFlat™ design for stable flight, with a stainless steel instant-cut tip. The cam-deployed rear blades follow the tip without grabbing or deflecting, even on an angled hit, and are guaranteed to deploy before entry, maintaining full kinetic energy. ShockLock™ system holds blades firmly in place (no more rubber bands). 100-grain. 1-1/2” cutting diameter. FREE practice broadhead included.